Lesley will identify and organize all the resources and support systems essential to initiating relocation, prior to actual implementation. Following is a list of the key services that we will provide: Define the scope of the relocation project. Outline the roles, responsibilities and inter-relationships of all internal and external team members and develop a system of interface with client management. Develop the master relocation plan, which will identify all milestone activities to occur during the relocation. Develop a project move budget. Incorporate all client-cost activities into a project budget to ensure that the client has accurate financial expectations, based on the project's objectives. Identify the external resources required to complete the project. Develop Request for Proposals (RFP) for all professionals, suppliers, and vendors that will be part of the project team. Develop a commissioning plan which details everything that must happen between substantial completion and move in. Assist client with developing a service guide which details how the client will operate in the new facility.


Project Management

Once the client has approved the overall relocation plan, Lesley will orchestrate all activities with a dedicated on-site management team. We emphasize a systematic approach to coordinating relocation activities and organizing the physical move that provides our clients with turnkey management of a change in occupancy. To ensure successful completion of activities throughout the planning and implementation of the move, we will: Coordinate all relocation activities and monitor all on-site activity against the established   project schedule and budget. Manage the decision-making process to ensure that all decisions are being made with the proper information, and at the appropriate time. Develop and manage move plans based on the client's occupancy requirements. Monitor the activities that comprise the relocation process against the milestone dates established in the plan. Develop an hour-by-hour schedule of the relocation. Manage the relocation. Assign a project manager to manage on-site activity during the relocation including all required move preparation, the movement, installation or disposition of furniture, fixtures, equipment, and all post-move activities at both sites. Organize project meetings by establishing a managerial position on the relocation team and conducting regular project meetings. Provide ongoing advice and counsel to client management. As the project progresses, evaluate any changes and provide management with the informa­tion to make sound business decisions. Provide progress reports and audits of vendor activities. We monitor the vendors whose activities are critical to the relocation plan (i.e. furniture and equipment installers and moving contractors) and direct them during the relocation process. Provide the client's employees with standard relocation procedures to help facilitate the move. Conclude the project with a thorough review. We review the performance of each vendor and make recommendations for final payments.




Throughout a relocation project, the proper flow of information is critical to maintaining the objectives that the client organization has set forth. We have developed a system that ensures the transfer of all relevant project information among the internal and external members of the project team. We identify the information needs of Senior Management and the various team members and ensure that all concerned parties have the proper information at the appropriate time. In addition, we will assist in developing a communications approach for the affected employees through announcements, newsletters and facility orientation booklets.